Upscaling Images in Automatic1111: Tiled VAE and Multidiffusion Upscaler

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Creating high-resolution images in Automatic1111 has never been easier, thanks to the Tiled Variational Autoencoder (VAE) and Multidiffusion Upscaler. These powerful tools enable users to generate impressive 4k+ images without visible seams or complicated steps.

Tiled VAE Overview

Tiled VAE is an upscaling method that allows for generating large images in Automatic1111 without any visible seams. By breaking the image into smaller tiles and processing each tile separately, Tiled VAE can produce high-resolution images quickly and efficiently.

Multidiffusion Upscaler

The Multidiffusion Upscaler is an extension for Automatic1111 that leverages a combination of advanced upscaling techniques to produce impressive results. You can find the extension here.

How to use Multidiffusion Upscaler

  1. Generate your image at a smaller resolution (e.g., 1024×576) with the desired settings.
  2. Enable Tiled VAE in Automatic1111’s settings.
  3. Adjust your hires fix settings, such as denoising strength and upscale factor.
  4. Generate the upscaled image.

Upscale Examples

Comparison with Ultimate SD Upscaler

Users have reported mixed results when comparing the Multidiffusion Upscaler with the Ultimate SD Upscaler. Some find that the Multidiffusion Upscaler produces better results, while others prefer the Ultimate SD Upscaler. The best approach is to try both methods and determine which works best for your particular image and requirements.

Tips for optimal results

  • Experiment with different denoising strengths to strike a balance between fine details and respecting the original image.
  • If your hardware allows, try generating images at higher resolutions for better results.
  • Explore different upscaling algorithms and settings to find the best combination for your needs.


The Tiled VAE and Multidiffusion Upscaler offer users an effective way to create high-resolution images in Automatic1111. By leveraging these tools, artists and enthusiasts can generate stunning visuals without the need for complicated steps or extensive hardware requirements. Give them a try and see the difference they can make in your image generation process.

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