Helpful AoE 2 mods (useful things are more visible, useless things are removed)

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List of useful AoE 2 mods
List of useful AoE 2 mods
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I love these mods, with them the game is much more comfortable.

  • [Anniversary2020] Research Complete Confetti FX
  • [AOEDE] Scout
  • [Dec2021] Unit Upgrade Sunshine Particles
  • [FrostyFriends] Hrimfaxi the frost-maned horse
  • [FrostyFriends] Main Menu
  • [GreatestTech] Gunpowder Tracer FX
  • [GreatestTech] Larger Onager Projectiles
  • [Guaymallen] – No Birds (GAIA Flying Animals)
  • [Guaymallen] – No Tree Stumps
  • [Guaymallen] – Useless Plants Remover
  • [Halloween2021] Pumpkin Knight
  • [Mayhem] Calculating Research FX
  • [Mayhem] Monk Unit Conversion FX
  • Anne_HK – Better Resource Panel and Idle Villager Icon
  • Anne_HK – Bigger and Eye-catching Relic
  • Anne_HK – Bigger Animals (Herdable and Huntable)
  • Anne_HK – Boar Pointer
  • Anne_HK – Building Foundation Label (with Player Color)
  • Anne_HK – Identical Pine Trees with Grid Shadow
  • Anne_HK – Monk Pointer (Always Visible)
  • Anne_HK – New Fish Border
  • Better Civ Emblems
  • Huge Number
  • Improved Extended Tooltips
  • Improved Mangonel Shot Visibility
  • Villese UI
List of useful AoE 2 mods

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